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2011-11-10 I’m back

2011-11-10:  Thursday. I am so tired tonight.  But, I am grateful to have may blessings in my life.  And I love sharing what I love, Scentsy Wickless Candles.  Never light a match again.  Scentsy is a ceramic warmer housed with a small lightbulb and melts to encompass the entire room with an ambiance of your favorite scents.  Check out my website at:  https://dianekrupa.scentsy.us

They are great gifts, super easy to use…just plug them in and turn on the switch…what could be easier? Shop my website and get free gifts. Get my newsletter, and receive my monthly newsletter and specials, sales, promotions, and announcements.

I have my Scentsy booth at Independence Civic Center

Holiday Fest

Sunday, December 5th

Noon – 4:00 p.m.

Selig Dr.
Independence, OH

I am coming back to my old stomping ground…

Don’t miss the fun…inflatables, games, vendors, make pillows, and more.  Come join the fun.  Won’t you stop by my booth, smell the awesome scents and see what everyone is talking/smelling about!!   Scentsy Wickless candles are the ticket!  Sign up for my raffle and e-newsletter, too.  You may be my lucky winner of a Scentsy plug-in.  You will absolutely love Scentsy warmers and candle bars.  And welcome their newest addition – Scentsy Buddies.  Soft, cuddly,bright colors…stick a scent pak in the back and go…   I can’t wait to see you at the fest!!
And maybe hook up with some of my old classmates.    I made wax-roses for free samples, too.

I have a booth at Chanel High School Craft fair

Saturday, December 4th

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Northfield Rd.
Bedford, OH

Check out my website:  http://www.dianekrupa.scentsy.us

I participated in my very first craft fair at a local nursing home last weekend!  My table looked awesome.  (Pics to follow).  I had so much fun, met alot of great people.  I shared the love I have for Scentsy and how I got involved.  Everyone was totally interested.  The thought of NEVER having to ever light a match again.  I set up a giveaway box and newsletter signup. People were great and the orders came rushing in.  Some folks were eager to get their stuff, paid shipping and their Scentsy order was delivered straight to their house.  I loved giving the samples I made because people’s eyes lit up that they were getting something for FREE.  I really believe that it’s the little gestures that really impresses.  Genuine friendliness, love for the product,  and enthusiasm shows and people flock around you.  I’ll post 2 more postings with details about the next 2 craft fairs I will have my booth…stop by…buy…buy…buy

Butterfly Effect

I just read a blog on LinkedIn by Lajon Webb on October 26, 2010 all about the butterfly effect.

It was quite interesting reading – since butterflies are my favorite.  I’m not sure I even knew about the butterfly effect.  It makes sense, though.

Originally it was used to predict weather patterns, but apply it to life?  Yes, what a concept.  They say one voice can impact many things.  And so it is with the butterfly effect; little changes I make in my life can make dramatic changes throughout my life.

I mean, even the people you associate with can predict the path you go down.  If you have many negative influences through life, then there is a good chance that your view of the world around you is the same.  Surrounding myself with positive, loving  people is my preference, and very healthy.

And the more love I give, the more I receive.  I think that my 101 year old great aunt was very wise in her answer when interviewed on her 100th birthday.  The question was, “What advise do you give to live a long, happy life?” Her reply, “Be kind to everyone all the time.”

And if everyone did that, what a butterfly effect that would be!  Fly high my beautiful butterfly.


Have a Scentsational Day!

Diane M. Krupa

Email: scents2amor@att.net

The Meaning and Definition of Integrity.


Have a Scentsational Day!

Diane M. Krupa

Email: diane.krupa@att.net

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